Violin Lessons

I am currently available to teach new students for weekly violin lessons!  I take a structured classical approach to violin study.  This builds strong fundamentals and allows violinists to play in any style. Depending on your goals and interests, we can explore any type of music you choose. Call today to schedule your first lesson!


45 minute lesson: $55

60 minute lesson: $65

Age and Skill Level

I teach students ages 7 and up. You are never too old to learn the violin.

All skill levels are welcome, from beginning to advanced.  I’m more than happy to help you pick out a violin and get set up as well!


I teach lessons from my home studio in Long Beach, CA. The cross streets are Wardlow & Norwalk. I will send you the exact address when an appointment is made.

The studio is fully equipped with 2 music stands, piano, guitar, mandolin, metronomes, tuners, laptop + scanner/copier, extra violins, extra violin components/accessories, various teaching tools, extra seating for parents, wifi, and an extensive library of music.  There is plenty of parking available at all times.

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