Ambitus Orchestra is Southern California’s fresh and accessible repertory orchestra, offering unique and relaxed programs to the masses of all ages and net worth. You don’t have to look nice, know what you’re listening to, applaud appropriately, or understand what’s going on. You don’t even have to show up on time, just show up. We want you here.

A little promo video with my bluegrass band, Big Bad Rooster.

Here are some more original tunes, played by my bluegrass band, Big Bad Rooster.

My string quartet, Prelude Moderne, got together to do some live recordings. Enjoy!

Mandelenda is an instrumental rock band that I played keyboard and violin in for several years. Through collective composition and unchecked experimentation, Mandelenda created a soundscape that would take audiences from moments of subtle moving arrangements to giant walls of distortion that engage the listener.

Hailing from the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, Hoist the Colors plays a blend of punk rock, traditional Irish music, Americana, and bluegrass that is as eclectic and original as the city they call home.  I toured quite a bit with this band and at some point we ended up at a radio station in Watsonville, CA.