Minor Swing is a gypsy Jazz tune written by Django Reinhardt. This is the fiddle solo originally played by Stephane Grappelli.

A music video with my bluegrass band, Big Bad Rooster, featuring an original tune of ours called “Whiskey Bottom Blues.”

Winter” from The Four Seasons, composed by Antonio Vivaldi. This is the 1st movement, Allegro non Molto.

Chan Chan is a massively popular song played by the Cuban ensemble, Buena Vista Social Club. This is an arrangement I wrote for violin, mandolin & guitar.

Ambitus Orchestra is Southern California’s fresh and accessible repertory orchestra, offering unique and relaxed programs to people of all ages and walks of life. I participated as a violinist, librarian, and organizer for this orchestra.

Road to Columbus, written by Bill Monroe.

Hailing from the urban sprawl of Los Angeles, Hoist the Colors plays a blend of punk rock, traditional Irish music, and Americana that is as eclectic and original as the city they call home. This is a new song of ours called “American Streets.”

Another Bill Monroe tune, Jerusalem Ridge.

Big Bad Rooster’s full-length self-titled album, released June 10, 2017.

Mandelenda is an instrumental rock band that I played keyboard and violin in for several years. Through collective composition and experimentation, Mandelenda creates a soundscape that takes audiences from moments of subtle moving arrangements to giant walls of distortion and sound.

My string quartet got together to do some live recordings. Enjoy!

Hoist the Colors’ latest release, “When Daylight Breaks.”

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