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“As a child, I took piano lessons from a woman I was sort of afraid of. My parents kept me with her for ten years because she was really good. Well, she was good, but she was also a bit shaming and stern. I can play the piano decently well, but I rarely want to do so publicly because I have mild PTSD from my experience with her.

Camilo is completely the opposite. He inspires joy in my daughter so she wants to practice and looks forward to performing. Camilo is personable and totally comfortable with children (my daughter is 9), which I absolutely appreciate, because she’s not afraid of him and will talk with him about anything.

Plus, this guy is incredibly talented (I get to hear him play during lessons from time to time) and he is naturally adept at teaching what he knows to newbies. After only a year, my kid is playing things I didn’t expect. She has a long way to go, but she’s come so far in such a short time.

Honestly, coming into this, I had a low bar for a music teacher: just don’t make things miserable for my daughter and teach her stuff. Camilo is far above that bar. I actually think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone better!”

-Bronson L.

“My 9-yo has been working with Camilo since last August and I’m blown away by how far he’s come. Camilo has such a great rapport with kids and his true talent lies in his ability to really “read” his students and assign music that fits their taste and personality. Camilo might be the coolest violinist. He plays in his own band which I think shows his students a path forward with the instrument – if they’re serious about playing professionally (or even as a hobby). He’s been a real inspiration to my son who, with Camilo’s help, has really found a passion for composing. The recitals Camilo hosts are so fun! He’s so organized and brings our family a lot of joy by instilling this young love of art and sound in our kiddo. Highly recommend Camilo!”

-Kathy D.

“My son has been learning here for few months. I can see my son improves a lot. I like here because Mr. Camilo is super friendly and patient. He treats my son just like a friend. Listen to his request and help him grows up in music. I hope my son can live happily in music. Music enriches his life.”

-Mindy T.

“What can I say about Camilo that has not already been said? Camilo is literally the best violin teacher ever! My son has had his fair share of teachers but no one compares to Camilo. His passion for violin and teaching are evident in his lessons with his students. He’s super talented at what he does and we are so very grateful to have him in our lives. If you’re interested in learning the violin, this is your guy.”

-Ruby M.

“Camilo is one of the most patient, kindest and knowledgeable teachers out there. He has been my daughter’s instructor for 7 years. Because of him, she is now studying to be a music teacher. Very wonderful human, you can never go wrong with a person like Camilo.”

-Chris G.

“I was having a difficult time finding an instructor with hours that would fit my busy schedule. As an adult violin student that works during the day I was searching for evening lessons. I was ecstatic that Camilo was able to fit me into his schedule. I appreciate the accommodations and have already learned so much! Camilo quickly assessed where I was in my violin skills and pointed me in the right direction to build my skills and technique. It’s only been a couple months, but I already feel more confident in my playing and feel like I am progressing. I would highly recommend lessons with Camilo. He shows a lot of passion for what he does, puts the cookie on the bottom shelf, and has a great understanding of his craft.”

-Suong M.

“Camilo is a patient and talented violin teacher, who has helped me rediscover the violin after many decades away from “beginner” lessons in teen years. Wow! In my retirement, I was very uncertain whether any teacher would want to take on a student who had such a big gap in learning. After two years, I can’t imagine that I would have stuck with daily practice and weekly lessons with any other teacher.

As a retired teacher, I recognize in Camilo’s instruction what makes his lessons so successful. He tailors instruction to advance his student’s musicianship with the instrument. Camilo encourages me, and all his students, to pursue music that motivates them, whether classical, bluegrass, country, gypsy, or jazz, and then builds an “on ramp” of exercises and skill-builders to help them achieve their goal. He has been known to avidly research students’ musical interests, transcribing pieces when necessary to fit the student’s ability. Finally, each lesson includes very specific and useful feedback – on a few key points of learning – to focus upon for the following week’s practice.

Finally, he has built a supportive community of diverse learners, through regular recitals – where family and friends can listen and appreciate the range of levels that Camilo instructs.

Thanks, Camilo, for sharing your love of music and giving so many of us access to the violin!”

-Lisa S.

“I am very proud of my mom, Shirley, as she has learned to play the violin. She began 6 years ago playing random notes, strange plucks, and odd screeches. She practiced day in and day out over the years and the notes and sounds continued to improve, slightly. This was with a previous violin teacher.

Three months ago, she began private lessons with Camilo. Finally, the random notes, screeches and plucks turned into music! The melodies and sounds that came out of the violin are strikingly on key and music to my ears. According to my mom, she has learned valuable tips and proper techniques that has enhanced learning and helped her excel in expanding her musical repertoire.

I personally think that all music teachers have the capability to teach, but only a few have the gift of inspiring a student to express that passion to play. Camilo is one of those teachers, as I see that my mom has developed such a passion for playing and a true enjoyment for what she has achieved.”

-Carrie N.

“Our son is 13 years old  and has been studying violin since he was 5. He hit a slump and had been losing interest, largely because his repertoire was mostly classical. He started Jazz Angels, which helped  immensely to keep him going (review coming soon), but he needed a change in his daily practice–and quick!

He has only taken a few lessons with Camilo. However, in the short time, Camilo has been that inspiration for him. Our son’s enthusiasm, practice, technique, and repertoire have improved immensely. Our son beams with excitement after his lessons, and looks forward to practicing daily—on his own initiative (20-40 minutes, and sometimes more depending on time available).

Camilo was responsive to our son’s desire for  more variety of music and is now working on gypsy jazz , bluegrass, and basically opening up a whole new world to my son. He has also been responsive to our desire to see our son continue to grow in classical music, as well. Camilo strikes a nice balance between technique, classical, and varieties of genres because of his own diverse skills. He plays in a bluegrass band as well as a string quartet.

Camilo’s pricing is fair and availability consistent. He is very patient, but holds high expectations. He is helping our son with improvisational skills, but also holding him to good technique, as well. In fact, our son’s orchestral teacher at his middle school complimented his timing just the other day–she noticed a marked improvement.

Finally, Camilo clearly enjoys what he does. His enthusiasm for this beautiful instrument and his approach have reinvigorated my son’s love for violin! I’m confident he will be a life-long player, now!! Thank you, Camilo!”

-Priscilla S.

“Camilo is an excellent instructor! He is organized, patient and very knowledgeable about music. Taking a lesson with him is like being with an old friend. He makes you feel comfortable and understands when you make mistakes. Also, not only are his lessons affordable, but he will often give you a little extra time if you’re in the groove of a lesson. I took fiddle lessons with Camilo and highly recommend him!”

-April L.

“Camilo is our daughters violin teacher and we are so happy with him. He is amazing and a wonderful person. We recommend him highly.”

-Gina M.

“Camilo is a great violin/fiddle teacher. He has really helped me improve my technique and posture, and really helped me to train my ear. This guy is qualified to teach all types of music from classical to country. Your preference will guide the lessons. His lessons have helped me not only learn songs, but also good practice habits and some music theory too. I have gotten so much better after 8 months of lessons since ditching trying to teach myself. I don’t scratch anymore, I know when I miss a note, and I can see the path to rocking with my fiddle on stage somewhere.”

-Daniel N.

“I hadn’t touched the violin since I was in middle school… about 30 years without playing or practicing. In less than a year, however, Camilo’s thoughtful and patient tutoring has brought it all back to me! I have reached new levels, and am excited to be able to play such a beautiful instrument. Camilo is the ultimate professional. His lessons are both challenging and stimulating. His love for the violin definitely shows through. His techniques for learning all of the critical skills have been very effective. I would highly recommend him to younger and older students alike!”

-Rodney J.

“I have taken violin lessons from Camilo for the past year and would highly recommend him to anyone. Camilo is always on time, courteous, and a great teacher. Camilo’s attention to detail (bow hand, left-hand grip, posture, etc.) helped immensely. Again, I would highly recommend Camilo with no hesitation.”

-Donald P.

“Learning to play the violin…again…has been great with Camilo! He is patient and best of all (at least for me) is that even though he’s got years and years of experience playing the violin he is not intimidating haha. He encourages you to take on pieces you’ll enjoy playing yet makes sure you are advancing in technique. Whatever you want to play on the violin, he’ll teach you how to get there.”

-Imelda T.

“This is my daughter’s violin instructor, and is a great guy! Thanks Camilo, God bless you bro!”

-Ricardo P.

“Camilo is amazing. I began taking lessons as an absolute beginner at 29 years old and was hesitant to do so because of my inexperience. Camilo was eager to take me on as a student starting from the ground up. I was nervous but he put my nerves at ease within minutes of meeting him. His teaching style is fun and effective. Camilo takes the time to understand exactly what I need to advance. I recommend him a thousand times over for any aspiring violinist regardless of their current skill level. Learning to play the violin with Camilo has been very rewarding…one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I’m Looking forward to advancing with each lesson…Thanks Camilo!”

-Matt H.

“It was a little scary at my age (45) to start playing violin, always I heard was something really difficult and you need to start at really early age, but is something that all my life I want at least try so I did it. I was lucky to find Camilo. He is a great teacher, he got the knowledge, he is passionate about playing violin and knows how to transmit that passion and the knowledge. He got a lot of patience too and is always encouraging you, if he find anything that you struggle with he documents himself and find some exercises to correct it.  Really recommendable.”

-Domingo I.

“My two daughters are taking violin lessons with Camilo. He is passionate about playing violin. He has patience and is great with kids. Thanks Camilo.”

-Tue P.

“Great experience.. I am 29 years old and found my way with this difficult musical instrument, the Violin, with Camilo’s help and guidance. Camilo, I really appreciate your talent, knowledge and your way of teaching above all. Merry Christmas and happy new year.”

-Fady M.

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